Over 10 months, the foreign trade balance surplus of the RF increased by 1.8 times

The RF Customs Service has published data on the foreign trade results for 10 months of this year. They indicate a balance sheet surplus increase to $149 billion. In relation to the same period indicator in 2020, the positive balance increased by 1.8 times. The trade volume reached $627.8 billion, which is 36.7% more than a year ago. The export delivery volume to Russia showed an increase of 42.8% to $388.4 billion. Almost 87% of their total volume falls on non-CIS countries. The share of goods related to the fuel and energy sector of the economy increased by 2.8 percentage points to 53.8%. The volume of imports to Russia showed an increase of 27.8% to $239.4 billion. Cars and equipment account for 49.4% of all imports. The main trade partner of the Russian Federation is the European Union. It accounts for 35.8% of the total foreign trade turnover. The share of APEC countries is slightly lower. It was 33.9%.


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