Subsidiaries in the RF are excluded from PwC and KPMG networks

The international network of PwC companies providing consulting and audit services has announced the termination of the membership of the RF division in it. The reason for this step was the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. At the same time, it is reported that the PwC division, whose offices are located in eleven russian cities, the total number of employees of which is 3,700 employees, will continue to work independently on the territory of the Russian Federation. The work of these offices will be carried out according to the norms and principles established in the global network. Another major global network, KPMG, which provides professional and audit services, declared it had excluded Russian and Belarusian companies from its membership. With this step, the company supported the world community, which advocates the cessation of Russia’s hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. The KPMG statement emphasizes that the company is blaming the leadership of the Russian Federation for starting the war, and not 4,500 Russian employees.


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