Russian investments in US Treasury increased by $1.5 billion

The US Department of the Treasury announced an increase in Russia’s investment in US Treasury bonds. In December, they increased by $1.5 billion to $3.9 billion. In December, Russia cut its holdings in US bonds by $1.3 billion to $2.4 billion. Japan still occupies the leading position in the list of the largest holders of US Treasuries. According to the US Treasury, in December, the country’s investments decreased by $23 billion to $1 trillion 304 billion. China ranks second with a total investment of $1 trillion 69 billion. In December, Beijing cuts investments by $12.2 billion. The top five also include the UK, Ireland, and Luxembourg. However, their investments in US securities are significantly lower compared to Japan and China. As of the end of December, the total amount of investments of foreign countries in US Treasuries amounted to 4 trillion 161 billion dollars.


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