Sanofi’s quarterly revenue falls short of planned

French pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi posted a report for the Q4 of last year, indicating a slight increase in its financial fulfilment. Oct-Dec 2021 finished with a net gain of 1.13 billion euros, up from the similar term of the former year of 1.08 billion euros. Trimestrial revenue was recorded at 9.99 billion euros, up from a year ago to 9.38 billion euros. At the same time, the prognosis of economists assumed its more significant growth – up to 10.4 billion euros. The foremost contribution to revenue growth was made from the sale of a medical product for the treatment of eczema Dupixent. Over the past twelve months, the volume of current sales jumped by 53%. A significant annual increase of 13% at the end of the quarter was shown by avail from main operations, amounting to 1.73 billion euros. According to Sanofi estimates, this indicator, not taking into account currency fluctuations, increased by 10-13% over the entire past year. The capitalization of the pharmaceutical company is 115.8 billion euros. For twelve months it grew by 15.7%


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