European stock markets await the results of the US Federal Reserve meeting

There are no uniform dynamics of stock trading in Europe. Investors are waiting for information on the next FOMC session results. Most experts deem that the US Central Bank will determine to speed up the curtailing pace of the asset repurchase program. In addition, the Fed is likely to name the timing of the increase in concern rates. Investors are also awaiting the updated prognosis issue for the American economy. There will be two more important events in the supply trading tomorrow. Sessions of the Bank of England and the ECB are scheduled for Thursday. The prognosis for the verdicts of these banks differ. Nevertheless, most experts deem that the ECB will not change its strategy. But the Bank of England may correct it against the escalating inflation backdrop, a slowdown in economic rehabilitation, and also a worsening epidemiological circumstance. According to published data, inflation continues to rise in some European countries. It updates record levels over a multi-year period.


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