Positive sentiment prevails on stock exchanges in Europe

As of 11.43 am Moscow time, the DAX and САС 40 indices rose by 1.36% and 1.72%, respectively. The FTSE index rose 0.87%. The main European index Stoxx Europe 600 showed an increase of 1.1%. Food delivery operators have become leaders in terms of share price growth among the companies included in this index. The reason for the positive on the European stock exchanges was the negotiations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which are taking place in Turkey. Investors hope that the participants of this meeting will be able to agree on a cessation of hostilities and securing the neutral status of Ukraine. Experts note that the military operation in this country, conducted by Russia, has caused increased volatility in the markets. In addition, it impedes the recovery of the world economy. In March, consumer confidence in the economy worsened in European countries amid rapidly rising inflation and fears of serious consequences of the geopolitical conflict. Indexes assessing consumer confidence in Germany and France showed a significant decline.


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