Tesla electric cars in the US have increased in price

Rising production costs have driven up the price of electric vehicles made by Tesla in the US. This is indicated by a message published by the American automaker on its official website of the country. The Model 3 price rose to $46,990 from $44,990 on March 10. The Model Y Long Range price reached $62,990 against $59,990 five days earlier. Significantly increased prices for other models of the American manufacturer. As the founder of the company, Elon Musk, said earlier, the negative factor for Tesla was the acceleration of inflation, which is mainly due to the sharp increase in the price of raw materials. The company also faced rising logistics costs. Commodities have shown strong gains in recent weeks, including nickel, which is an important material in electric vehicle batteries. This metal has become much more expensive against the background of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. In addition, supply chains have been hit again with new restrictions in China due to rising COVID-19 cases.


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