Tesla electric car production in Shanghai suspended

The American electric car manufacturer Tesla has announced the suspension of production at the plant in Shanghai. The reason for the temporary shutdown of the enterprise is the stringent measures introduced in the eastern districts of the city to curb the spread of coronavirus. Local authorities have ordered residents of these areas not to leave their homes for the period of quarantine measures, as well as not to leave the city and not to enter it. Public transport stopped working until the morning of April 1. The company planned to use the permission of the Chinese authorities to continue the work of employees on the condition that they would live at the plant at the specified time. However, Tesla did not manage to prepare everything necessary in time. The American manufacturer produces Model 3 and Model 4 electric vehicles at its plant in Shanghai. According to annual reports, in 2021, the company was able to sell about a third of the total number of vehicles produced on it, which amounted to 470,000 vehicles.


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