Apple is reducing the production of smartphones and headphones

Nikkei Asia, citing informed sources, reported that Apple is forced to make a decision to reduce the production of smartphones and headphones. Its main reason was the fall in consumer demand for the corporation’s products around the world due to the rapid growth of inflation. The geopolitical situation also has a negative impact on consumer sentiment. According to available information, Apple intends to reduce the iPhone SE release plan in the 2nd quarter by 20%. As for AirPods’ quarterly production will be reduced by 10 million units. The reason is the same—a significant drop in demand for headphones. Earlier this month, Apple announced the suspension of sales of its products on the Russian market due to military operations in Ukraine. Last year, the smartphones of the American corporation took third place in terms of sales in Russia among the world’s major manufacturers. In total, 5 million iPhones were sold on the Russian market.


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