France reduced the min. number of unemployed of 9 years in December

According to a research made by the DARES department of the Labor Ministry, in December of the past year, 3.075 million unemployed people were registered in France. Their quantity decreased by 12.8 thousand relative to the previous month. The December figure was the lowest for the last nine years. In the twelve months to December, the quantity of unemployed decreased by 512.3 thousand. Among the French aged 25 to 49 years, a number decreased by 10.6 thousand. The decrease in the indicator among citizens over the age of 50 amounted to 6.5 thousand people. At the same time, an increase of 4.3 thousand unemployed past month was noted among young people under the age of twenty-five. France’s unemployment rate was recorded at 8.1% between July and September 2021, up from 8% in the second quarter, according to a report by the French statistical office Insee.


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