The wealth of US citizens in the third quarter grew by 2.36$ trillion

According to the results of July-September, an increase in the welfare of citizens of the country by $2.36 trillion was recorded in the United States. The report published by the Federal Reserve System notes that the growth of this indicator has been observed for the 6th consecutive quarter. According to experts, this is due to an increase in the value of the real estate. Real estate owned by American households reached $36.8 trillion in the 3 months to September. It also increased relative to the previous three months by $1.26 trillion. According to the Fed’s estimates, the welfare of Americans in the past quarter amounted to $144.7 trillion. Compared to the same indicator in 2019, its volume increased by $27.8 trillion. The central bank also said that corporate shares held by Americans fell in price by $320 billion in the third quarter to $46.7 trillion. At the same time, households in the indicated period increased their indebtedness by 6.2%, which at the end of September amounted to $17.6 trillion. Mortgage debt increased by 7.8%.


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