he US remains the world leader in LNG supplies

The Bloomberg agency conducted research. Its results showed that the USA has retained 1st place in the table of the largest LNG suppliers for the 2nd month in a row. The main consumers of American LNG are European countries, where gas prices have risen significantly. The United States shipped 101 LNG shipments in January, according to the agency. At the same time, more than 30 batches arrived at the EU countries’ ports. Five batches of LNG were sent to the Latin American region countries. The remaining tankers have not yet arrived at their destination ports. Qatar ranks are the world’s second in the suppliers ranking of this sort of gas. It delivered 97 batches of LNG in January. More than 50% of this delivery capacity fell on the countries of the Asian zone. Qatar sent only 7 LNG tankers to Europe. Experts note that a non-standard situation has developed in the European gas market. The expense of LNG is higher than its cost in markets in Asia. At the same time, it is cheaper than pipeline gas coming from other countries, including Russia.


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