The world’s leading banks published the gold forecasts in 2022

The prognosis for the dynamics of the gold rate in 2022, published by extensive financial institutions, diverges significantly from each other. For example, the American financial holding JPMorgan Chase predicts that in the next twelve months, the strain on precious metals will be exercised by an increase in the long-term yield of US government bonds, which will conduct to a decrease in the expense of gold in 2022 to $1,630 per ounce. In addition, analysts at the financial institute believe that silver will fall in price to $20.48. JPMorgan’s forecasted gold price this year was 10% less than the average cost of the precious metal the previous year. In contrast to this assessment, experts from the multinational financial corporation Standard Chartered believe that an increase in the price of gold should be expected in 2022, since, in their opinion, the dollar will decline after it reaches its maximum level. They recommend that investors contain gold in their portfolios, expecting significant volatility in the stock market. Analysts at German financial conglomerate Deutsche Bank believe that an ounce of gold will be worth $1,750 by the end of 2022


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