Toyota Motor Net profit increased by 45% in 9 months

The Japanese concern Toyota has published a report on the results of its activities for 9 months of the current financial year. His figures display a 45% rise in net income to 2.3 trillion yen, or $20 billion. Per-share, it increased by 62.44 yen to 166.45 yen. In US currency, the rank rose by 54 cents to $1.44. The amount of revenue received achieved the sum of 23.3 trillion yen or 201.7 billion dollars. Concerning the similar term of the former year, it increased by 19%. At the same time, the trading of Toyota cars fell by 20.7% in annual terms. The company commercialized 5 million 438 thousand cars. In the 3rd financial quarter, this index showed a positive trend. Car sales increased by 6.9% to 2 million, 353 thousand modules. The automaker expects the fiscal year to end with revenue of 29.5 trillion yen, or $255.7 billion. The plan for annual net profit is 2.5 trillion yen or 21.7 billion dollars. After the release of the 9-month report, Toyota shares rose in price by more than 1%.


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