Toyota Motor suspended production due to a components shortage

Automaker Toyota announced the forced suspension of the work of 11 enterprises due to the absence of necessary components. Factories will not work for three days. The company has already announced that a similar decision will be made next month. It will affect only eight enterprises in February. Taking into account the current situation, according to the results of the current month, the cars’ production by the Japanese automaker will be reduced by 47,000 units. And in general, for the fiscal year, which will end on March 31, the volume of Toyota vehicle production will be lower than the previously planned aim by 9 million units. The automaker apologized to its customers for the late car’s delivery. According to MarketWatch, component shortages are not the only reason for Toyota’s shutdown. Cases of omicron have been recorded among the employees of some factories. The management decided to suspend work in order to avoid infecting a large number of workers.


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