Toyota will increase sales of electric cars to 3.5 million a year by 2030

The Japanese auto concern Toyota has unveiled a plan to boost electric car sales to 3.5 million units annually by 2030. The quantity of electric vehicles models produced will be expanded to 30 units by this time. Toyota’s previous plan was to release only 15 of these models by 2025. At the same time, Lexus luxury electric vehicles will be marketed in the European, North American and Chinese markets starting in 2030. However, the production of only electric vehicles by this brand will begin by 2035. To achieve these properties, the company intends to invest 2 trillion yen in battery production for electric vehicles in the coming years. Since the end of last year, the opinion of the company’s management regarding the development of the electric vehicles market has changed significantly, since the company’s president Akio Toyoda believed that there was too much noise around this topic, noting the very high costs the Japanese authorities needed to create the necessary infrastructure.


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