Japanese stock indices drop ahead of the US Federal Reserve meeting

There is a negative sentiment on the stock market in Japan due to prospect of a tightening of the Fed’s policy and increasing geopolitical tensions. As a result of trading on Wednesday, the Nikkei index drop to 27,011.33 points or 0.44%. During the trading session, it drop to a minimum of 13 months. The Topix index showed a decrease of 1891.85 points or 0.25%. Japanese indices went into negative territory following the US stock indices. Investors are worried about the likely tightening of the policy of the US Central Bank and the deterioration of the geopolitical situation. The two-day FOMC session will end tonight. Market participants expect that the US Federal Reserve in its statement will outline the specific terms for raising rates. Further trend of the markets will depend on the results of the assembly of the Committee on Open Market Operations. Experts note that there is no longer any doubt about the tightening of the Fed’s policy. However, markets are waiting for clarity on the pace and scope of the upcoming changes.


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