Trading on American stock exchanges ended with the fall of indices

Negative sentiment prevails on stock exchanges in the United States. Trades ended with a decrease in stock indices. Thus, Dow Jones fell to 33794.66 points or 0.29%. Trading on the S&P 500 index closed at 4363.49 points, which is 0.53% lower than the previous trading day’s close. The Nasdaq fell to 13,537.941, or 1.56%. In the course of trading, transactions were made with 12.6 billion shares. This is the lowest value of the indicator for the last six trading days. According to expert Ross Mayfield, investors’ attention is focused on the events taking place in Ukraine. They are trying to estimate the size of the geopolitical upheaval. High volatility on US stock exchanges will continue in the near future. The expert doesn’t rule out that such a situation in the markets will be observed in the medium term. Ross Mayfield said he sees no sign of easing geopolitical tensions. Among the shares of large companies, the leaders of the fall were the securities of Tesla and Amazon.


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