Great Britain increased industrial production by 1% in November

According to statistic published by the British ONS, in November previous year, industrial production in the UK expanded by 1% against its capacity recorded a month before, when there was a decrease of 0.5%. According to market estimates, the increase in industrial production was expected at the grade of 0.2%. The November annual increase in industrial production was recorded at the grade of 0.1%, while the prognosis of experts assumed its increase by 0.5% over the twelve months. The agency also said that in November, industrial production did not recover to pre-coronavirus grade, remaining down 2.6%. In November, enterprises of the processing sector increased their output by 1.1%, increasing the rate by 0.1% compared to October growth. The volume of their issue compared to November previous year increased by 0.4%. The highest rates in November increased productivity in the machine-building sector, where the figure for the month rose by 7.4%. The output of transport equipment increased by 3.6%


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