Financial assistance to Ukraine of the war exceeded $3.2 bln.

The ICU financial group calculated that in the first month of the war in Ukraine, the country received financial assistance from Western partners amounted to $3.221 billion. It is reported that this figure does not include funding provided for the acquisition of weapons necessary for the Ukrainian army. The specified amount of financial assistance consists of loans and non-repayable assistance. Funds in the amount of $1.4 billion were received in the form of a tranche from the International Monetary Fund. Non-refundable financial assistance from Western partners over the past period amounted to $126 million. Loans were provided by the European Investment Bank, the World Bank and the European Union. Next month, according to ICU analysts, further financial assistance is expected. Its volume is expected in the amount of 3.144 billion dollars. This assistance will be mainly from Poland, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries.


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