Ukrainian financier warned about hyperinflation in the country

Serhiy Fursa, a well-known financier in Ukraine, assessed the consequences of the laws adopted by the government to ensure the functioning of the country’s economy during the military operation of the Russian Federation. In his opinion, implementing these laws will lead to a monthly budget deficit of $4 billion. If soon the measures taken can help Ukrainian business, there will be many problems in the future. The economy cannot stay in a regime with a massive state budget deficit for a long time. Such a debt burden is beyond her power. In the end, the country has to print money. And this will accelerate inflation to a “crazy” level. Recently, the Ukrainian Parliament approved a package of laws aimed at supporting the economy. The excise tax on gasoline was abolished. The VAT rate was reduced to 7%. Changes have also been made to the tax payment system. Now it has become as simple as possible. All taxpayers (both legal entities and individuals) pay tax at a single rate of 2%.


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