The unemployment rate in the UK unexpectedly fell

The data released by the UK Statistic Bureau came as a surprise to most analysts. Between September and November last year, unemployment fell by 0.1 percentage points to 4.1%. Analysts believed that it would not change compared to the previous report and amount to 4.2%. In the corresponding time interval of 2020, unemployment in the UK was at 5.1%. The unemployed Britons average quantity decreased in the reporting period by 128 thousand people in relation to the indicator for the period from August to October to 1 million 382 thousand people. On an annualized basis, the decrease in the number of unemployed amounted to 356 thousand people. These figures were calculated for the country’s residents whose age exceeds 16 years. The average number of Britons with a job increased by 171 thousand people in September-November compared to the same 3-month period in 2020 to 32 million, 475 thousand people. The indicator evaluating the share of employed was 75.5%.


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