Unemployment in the UK remains at 4.1%

Unemployment rate data, published in the UK, coincided with the prognosis of analysts surveyed. In October-December 2021, it amounted to 4.1%, as in September-November. In the corresponding 3-month period in 2020, the unemployment rate was 5.1%. The number of unemployed citizens of the country decreased by 74 thousand people compared to the previous reporting period to 1 million 374 thousand people. On an annualized basis, the indicator decreased by 396 thousand people. The total number of employed reached 32 million 385 thousand people, which is 337 thousand people more than a year ago. The proportion of the working population aged 16 to 65 is estimated at 75.5%. The British Statistical Office published statistics on the dynamics of wages. It grew in the reporting period by 4.3% year on year. Excluding bonus payments, salary growth amounted to 3.7%. It also became known about the decrease in the number of applications for unemployment benefits in January by 31.9 thousand. A month earlier, the figure fell by 51.6 thousand applications.


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