US consumer confidence index fell in February

The results of research conducted by the Conference Board showed a decrease in the level of consumer confidence in the United States. In February, the corresponding index fell by 0.6 points against the January level to 110.5 points. Analysts polled believed that the index would drop to 110 points. Conference Board experts note a deterioration in sentiment among Americans amid high inflation. Consumers are also pessimistic about the US economic outlook. The sub-index, which characterizes the economic expectations of American consumers for the next 6-month period, fell in February by 1.3 points to 87.5 points. According to S&P, the cost of residential real estate in the US rose in December by 18.6% year on year. In the previous month, housing has risen in price in the country by 1.1%. Experts believe that the rise in housing prices is associated with weak supply and rising prices for building materials.


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