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Trading Platform: Give your client the best trading experience

  • Trade everywhere

    The Xcritical trading platform is a web- based software that allows clients to trade anywhere they want.

  • Mobile compatibility

    The trading platform, developed by Xcritical, is also compatible with all mobile devices, granting trader access from virtually anywhere. 

  • Top- notch design

    Xcritical’s trading platform is innovative and advanced in its design. From the graphic layout to the variety of available languages, this product is ahead of its time. 

  • Built in features

    The Xcritical trading platform contains more features than any competing software, including built in charts, fund deposit options, and extra trading features (such as one-click trading).  

  • Full integration with Xcritical CRM

    Our trading platform is fully integrated with Xcritical CRM, which gives brokers who use both systems more control over client data and a tremendous advantage. 

  • Advanced technical capabilities

    This Xcritical software is capable of high connection and executions speeds, and can receive trade signals directly to the platform. 

The best trading platform on the market

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