XCritical Analytics

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Xcritical analytics: reliable information when you need it

  • XCritical Analytics

    Consolidate information

    Xcritical Analytics combines data from different sources and presents it in one, all- inclusive, report.

  • XCritical Analytics

    Monitor your performance

    Brokers who use Xcritical Analytics have a tool that helps them measure sales and retention KPIs, leading to improved results. 

  • XCritical Analytics

    Protect your brokerage

    Xcritical Analytics allows users to estimate flow toxicity and exposure, minimizing unnecessary losses.  

  • XCritical Analytics

    Make informed decisions

    Xcritical Analytics users can view and sort reports by manager, team or IB; and make effective business decisions based on hard numbers. 

  • XCritical Analytics

    Control high – risk and big users

    The various features of Xcritical analytics help control high- risk and big users, whose trading patterns can damage the brokerage. 

  • XCritical Analytics

    Fully integrated and customizable

    Xcritical Analytics is fully integrated with MT4 and other trading platforms, can be used on all mobile devices, and individually configured to your brokerage.  

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