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Xcritical Crypto Exchange is secure and fast true exchange

  • Market Making

    You can connect to 30+ popular exchanges and gather liquidity, create multi order book and totally manage it. Great solution for beginners in Crypto Market.

  • Various execution types

    Your users can make exchange by market, or set limit and stop limit/market orders.

  • High-end design

    We engaged best UI/UX experts in order to create most comfortable exchange platform with perfect user interface, informative and not overloaded.

  • 100% mobile support

    We offer mobile application for iOS and Android with all needed functionality. Also mobile web application available, so it can be used on almost all mobile devices.

  • Lightning Fast Execution

    Our system is optimized for Lightning Fast Execution of orders and getting real-time prices.

  • Full CRM integration

    Our Crypto Exchange is fully integrated with Xcritical CRM, which gives clients who use both systems more control over client data and a tremendous advantage.

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